My success is hard work, your success is fluke.

My demands are needs, your demands are greed

My aloneness is solitude, your aloneness is loneliness.

My dominance is being protective, your dominance is control.

My involvement is caring, your involvement is interference.

My non-interference is being respectful of your wishes, your non-interference is lack of care.

My loss of money is my destiny, your loss of money is being foolish

My riches are good financial planning, your riches are dishonesty.

My spending is generosity, your spending it being reckless with money.

My poverty is a result of my honesty, your poverty is your bad karmas.

My illness is a result of my genetics, your illness is bad lifestyle

My fixed ideas are my determination and will power, your fixed ideas are stubbornness and rigidity

My sudden change of plan is flexibility and spontaneity, your sudden change of plan is lack of determination and willpower.

My anxiety is an awareness of new possibilities and sign of growth, your anxiety is an inability to cope

My emotional meltdown is transformation, yours is a panic attack

My suspiciousness is my carefulness and being on guard, your speciousness in paranoia.

My happiness is pure bliss, your happiness is hypomania.


© Kishore Chandiramani, Consultant Psychiatrist
Emotions Clinic, Education and Training Centre Cic, Staffordshire, England

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Scores of Questionnaire×

PHQ-9 Score Summary

Score Depression severity Comments
0-4 Minimal or none Monitor; may not require treatment
5-9 Mild Use clinical judgment (symptom duration, functional impairment) to determine necessity of treatment
10-14 Moderate
15-19 Moderately severe Warrants active treatment with psychotherapy, medications, or combination
20-27 Severe

GAD-7 Score Summary

Score Symptom Severity Comments
7-10 Moderate Possible clinically significant condition
11-15 Moderately Severe Recomended consult doctor
>15 Severe Active treatment probably warranted

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