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You are not a Creation but a Creator: People who understood this and carved out their own path

You are not a Creation but a Creator: People who understood this and carved out their own path

The downside of believing in God is that you become a child and want to be looked after by the father, forgetting that if there is a creator of this world the force of that creator did not create you from some material outside of itself. You are a holographic projection of your own self and also retain all its potentialities and have no separate identity of your own. The identity that one feels is self-created and disappears when one locates the source of the projection. Religion makes us believe that we are here for a purpose and it is…

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How to Relate to our Physical Environment?

The totality of our existence can be understood in terms of the following four domains i.e. material, interpersonal, personal and transpersonal. Sigmund Freud wrote about a hundred years ago that there cannot be psychology without biology, meaning the mind is an epiphenomenon of the brain, connecting the material with the rest three. And a corollary to that would be that the mind can be fully understood through scientific investigations. Out of this notion grew an understanding that every thought had a molecule in our brain, and medicine one day will be able to solve all our psychological problems. The recent…

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How to be More Accepting?

It is easier to accept the disease, old age, and death when you are not confronted with them. As they say, you can’t start preparing for a war when it has broken out, the armies have to be trained and prepared well before any such eventuality. Perhaps the same applies to fighting illnesses and dealing with old age and the proximity of death. Saint Kabir used to say – everyone tries to mediate (do the right thing) when they are unwell, but if one meditated and did the right things when they are well and happy, there will be no…

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Scores of Questionnaire×

PHQ-9 Score Summary

Score Depression severity Comments
0-4 Minimal or none Monitor; may not require treatment
5-9 Mild Use clinical judgment (symptom duration, functional impairment) to determine necessity of treatment
10-14 Moderate
15-19 Moderately severe Warrants active treatment with psychotherapy, medications, or combination
20-27 Severe

GAD-7 Score Summary

Score Symptom Severity Comments
7-10 Moderate Possible clinically significant condition
11-15 Moderately Severe Recomended consult doctor
>15 Severe Active treatment probably warranted

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