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The Mind’s Self-deception and its Antidotes

The Mind’s Self-deception and its Antidotes

When we are experiencing negative emotions we tend to exaggerate the negative and deny the positive; and the opposite happens when we are in a happy frame of mind or in a manic phase. That is we exaggerate the positive and tend to deny the negative. We also tend to distort the reality because the realities of our lives, as we perceive them, iare not acceptable to us. If we accepted the reality as it is, it may lead to intolerable emotional reaction that can threaten the integrity of our mental functions. We therefore end up distorting the reality to…

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The Basic Human Nature

The Basic Human Nature

Remove the police and the military from this world for a week and see what happens. It won’t be an uplifting experience for us but something that will fill us with horror, shame and sadness.  Sigmund Freud understood the contents of our unconscious mind in terms of something dangerous that has to be contained at all times using the psychological defence mechanisms of repression and suppression. Existentialism also believes that you can’t completely eliminate the negative elements from your personality but can negotiate your way in such a way that you don’t get affected by them. You can’t wipe the…

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Scores of Questionnaire×

PHQ-9 Score Summary

Score Depression severity Comments
0-4 Minimal or none Monitor; may not require treatment
5-9 Mild Use clinical judgment (symptom duration, functional impairment) to determine necessity of treatment
10-14 Moderate
15-19 Moderately severe Warrants active treatment with psychotherapy, medications, or combination
20-27 Severe

GAD-7 Score Summary

Score Symptom Severity Comments
7-10 Moderate Possible clinically significant condition
11-15 Moderately Severe Recomended consult doctor
>15 Severe Active treatment probably warranted

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