When the Opposites are True

When the Opposites are True


Whenever a thought comes to your mind, say to yourself perhaps the opposite of it is also true to some extent.

We live in a friendly world; this world is not a friendly place.

There is an ultimate meaning to human life; there is no ultimate meaning to human life.

People are selfish; they care about us.

I am smart; I have been foolish.

I am knowledgeable; my knowledge is very limited.

My parents understand me; they don’t understand me.

My friends care about me; they don’t care about me.

It is good to have pleasurable experiences, it is good to experience unpleasant situations – as they teach us more than our pleasurable experiences.

Ignoring people’s faults is a good thing, being mindful of their faults is a good thing.

You should have the ability to work with unpleasant people; you should stay away from unpleasant people

Live as if today is your last day, live as if you will live for eternity.

We are not in full control of our lives; we are in full control of our life.

It is good to be in solitude, it is good to be in the company of others.

Silence is a sign of strength; silence can be a sign of weakness.

You can’t change the destiny of anyone apart from yourself in the slightest. One person can change the whole world, look at Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Prophet Mohammed, Abraham Lincoln etc.

Childhood adversity can make you a strong person, it can break you down.

If you want to develop strong positive characters in society – it’s good to catch people young, catching people young and indoctrinating their minds can create serious conflicts in their minds, they will be set upon a task they are not ready for.

Your body is a shrine of the lord, the Being inside is worthy of worship – Swami Rama

Your body is temporary, like a puddle of water on the street and will disappear soon (and your youth much quicker) – Kabir

Take care of your body the way to take care of a wound – otherwise, your suffering will increase – Buddha

© Kishore Chandiramani, Consultant Psychiatrist

Emotions Clinic, Education and Training Centre Cic, Staffordshire, England




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