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Understanding Existentialism(write up)

Understanding Existentialism(write up)

Existentialism is a branch of philosophy that gives more importance to the lived experience of people rather than any theoretical understanding of human life. Paul Tillich, a Jewish American existential thinker, has described his brush with existentialism. He said he had read up a lot on existentialism, and he saw himself as an expert, but he truly became an existentialist only during the 2nd world war when he saw innumerable dead bodies of his fellow beings strewn all around him, and all his theoretical understanding of human life became irrelevant in that moment, and in that very moment he became…

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Scores of Questionnaire×

PHQ-9 Score Summary

Score Depression severity Comments
0-4 Minimal or none Monitor; may not require treatment
5-9 Mild Use clinical judgment (symptom duration, functional impairment) to determine necessity of treatment
10-14 Moderate
15-19 Moderately severe Warrants active treatment with psychotherapy, medications, or combination
20-27 Severe

GAD-7 Score Summary

Score Symptom Severity Comments
7-10 Moderate Possible clinically significant condition
11-15 Moderately Severe Recomended consult doctor
>15 Severe Active treatment probably warranted

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