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About Us

Welcome to this website which is devoted to issues related to stress management in clinical settings. It is designed to provide the preliminary information for individuals who plan to attend the stress management programme outlined here, but it can be used by anyone who wants to manage their stress better.

It aims to help clients, not just to reduce their stress levels, but also to increase their capacity to tolerate stress. The information contained here borrows from contemporary medicine and from certain Eastern spiritual traditions that deal with the issues of understanding and managing stress disorders. I have tried to give references to the scientific studies done so far.

This website describes numerous ways of understanding and dealing with stress. It is therefore recommended that you pick and choose what suits you and blend it with your own tested ways of dealing with stress.

I suggest you start with the basic assumptions in order to get the most from this website.

I would be grateful for any feedback and suggestions that you may have for the improvement of this website. Please feel free to share any experiences that youve had of stress disorders and their management.

Hope you find this website useful.

Kishore Chandiramani – Consultant Psychiatrist